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How Your Gopher Score Is Calculated

The two main objectives when creating Gopher Score were rewarding financial support of Gopher Athletics and creating a system that was easy to understand and use.

Gopher Score primarily considers the two main sources of financial support to Gopher Athletics, which are philanthropic giving to athletics and consecutive years of season ticket purchase.

The Gopher Score priority ranking system formula:

  • Current Year Giving to Athletics – 10 points per $100
  • Lifetime Giving to Athletics – 3 points per $100
  • Consecutive Years of Season Ticket Purchase – 10 points per year
  • Gopher Athletics Letterwinner – 25 points (one time allocation)

To reward and encourage giving to athletics on a consistent basis, current year giving to athletics is the most heavily weighted component in each Gopher Score. These philanthropic gifts support our student-athletes both academically and athletically and provide them with the best experience possible at the University of Minnesota. Consecutive years as a season ticket holder also is very important to Gopher Sports. Our Gopher Score formula weighs this more than the majority of our fellow Big Ten institutions.

Current year giving is defined as all cash gifts to Gopher Sports during the fiscal year giving period from July 1 -  June 30.  Lifetime giving is defined as all gifts or pledges to Gopher Sports minus all current year gifts.  Because current year giving has the highest weight, a person’s Gopher Score can go down if current year gifts are less than those made the previous year. 

A customer will no longer be given a Gopher Score and rank if they choose not to retain season tickets and/or do not give to Gopher Sports for more than two years. 

It was important that Gopher Score be easy for fans to understand and use. By limiting the number of components to calculating each fan’s Gopher Score, it is easy to understand how Gopher Score is calculated and how supporters compare to each other. That simplicity makes it easy for any Gopher supporter to see how to increase his or her score and the impact it will have on their ranking.

It is very important that all of our fans understand their Gopher Score, their ranking and what they can do to increase it if they choose to do so. With any questions or concerns about Gopher Score, please call us at 1-800-U-GOPHER or 612-624-8080.