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Gopher Score FAQ

What is it used for?

The Gopher Score priority ranking system assigns a rank to each current season ticket holder and/or athletics donor. This rank is used to allocate priority for purchasing new tickets/parking as well as determining locations for upgraded seating/parking.

What does that include?

  • All season ticket upgrades
  • Priority for new season ticket sales
  • All pre-sale ticket sales
  • All post-season tournament ticket sales
  • All mid-season tournament sales
  • All neutral site sales
  • All parking upgrades
  • Priority in new parking sales

Will I always have a Gopher Score?

Gopher Score is not a one-time allocation.  A Gopher Score and rank are only given to current season ticket holders and/or someone who has donated to Gopher Sports in the current or previous year. If a person fails to retain season tickets or decides not to donate for two years, they will no longer have a Gopher Score and rank. 

Is this a reseating tool?

No, Gopher Score is used to prioritize ticket and parking upgrade requests and new sales, as well as the allocation of tickets to events such as post-season tournaments.

Why do we need to allocate tickets and parking in priority order?

If there were no system, we would not have a way to rank individuals during new ticket purchases or upgrade requests. Because demand often exceeds supply, we need a system to determine how to allocate tickets and parking in a fair manner which rewards loyal fans who help support Gopher Athletics. Gopher Score establishes this order in an easy to understand and easy to use system.

Why not continue using Gopher Points?

Gopher Points was created as a tool to reseat our three largest venues and is specific to just three sports (Football, Men’s Basketball and Men’s Hockey). While effective for its intended use, Gopher Points does not cover all sports. We need a system that helps establish priority for allocating or selling tickets and parking regardless of sport. Gopher Score does all of this in an easy to understand manner, balancing season ticket history and philanthropic giving across the entire athletics department.

Why Gopher Score?

Gopher Score takes the most vital components of support for Gopher student-athletes and our athletics department to create a score that to assigns priority rankings to individuals. This system will allow fans to easily understand the necessary support required to access tickets and parking for all sports.