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How Gopher Score Works

The Gopher Score priority ranking system assigns a rank to each current season ticket holder and/or athletics donor. This rank is used to allocate priority for purchasing tickets/parking as well as determining seating/parking locations.

There are several deadlines throughout the year which determine each person's rank for sport-specific processes like season ticket upgrades, post-season tournament ticket on-sales and priority for single-game ticket on-sales. Anyone who has a Gopher Score will be ranked after each deadline, although it is not necessary to participate in every process that happens during the year.

By having a Gopher Score you now have the ability to opt-in to any sport-related process. In previous years certain events were reserved for only season ticket holders of that sport.  That is no longer the case.

Gopher Score Is Used For

  • Season ticket upgrades
  • Priority for new season ticket sales
  • Priority for single game tickets and ticket packages
  • Post-season tournament ticket sales
  • Mid-season tournament ticket sales
  • Neutral site ticket sales
  • Season parking upgrades
  • Priority for new season parking sales

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Two Examples of How Gopher Score Works

Example 1 - Bob

Bob is a football season ticket holder and is hoping to improve his season ticket location for the upcoming year. Bob has successfully renewed his season tickets and asked to be part of the upgrade process.

Bob’s current Gopher score is 230, which ranks him 9,031 out of 16,345.

Bob was hoping to improve his rank for the season ticket upgrade process.

To improve his rank Bob gives $500 to the Golden Gopher Fund, which took him from a score of 230 to 280.

The deadline to improve your ranking for football season ticket upgrades was April 20th, so Bob made sure to renew his tickets and make an additional gift before the deadline.

After the final priority rankings were released Bob saw that he was now ranked 8,021 out of 16,345, moving him ahead of more than 1,000 people thanks to his additional $500 gift.

Bob has now increased the possibility of moving into a better seating location in TCF Bank Stadium.

Example 2 - Kathy

Kathy is a current donor to the Golden Gopher Fund and football season ticket holder. Kathy and her friends also love going to the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament in March each year.

Kathy’s current score is 750 and she ranks 2,567 out of 16,345.

Kathy wants to make sure that she can get tickets in the lower level this year for the Big Ten men's basketball tournament. She was told last year that everyone who sat in the lower level had a score higher than 890. Kathy knows it’s not a guarantee, but she wants to have a score of 900 to make sure she is above last year’s cut-off.

By making a $1,500 gift to the Golden Gopher Fund Kathy increases her Gopher Score to 900.

She made sure to make this gift before October 30th which was the deadline for priority for the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament.

After the priority deadline was past Kathy saw that she had a score of 900 and was ranked 1,842 out of 16,345, moving her ahead of 725 people.

Thanks to her gift, which increased her Gopher Score, Kathy was able to get into the lower level.