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Transfer Your Season Tickets

The season ticket transfer program offers you the opportunity to pass your season tickets on to immediate family members.

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  • Effective immediately, all season ticket holders will be allowed to transfer their season tickets to immediate family members.
  • Immediate family members are limited to the spouse of the current season ticket holder, a parent of the current season ticket holder, a child of the current season ticket holder, a sibling of the current season ticket holder, or to a domestic partner of the current season ticket holder.
  • In order to transfer season tickets, please fill out the Season Ticket Transfer Request Form and provide proof of relationship.

Proof of Relationship

  • Season ticket holders wanting to transfer their tickets must provide proof of relationship.
  • Proof of relationship between the existing account holder of record and the new account holder can include, but is not limited to, copies of: a birth certificate, a marriage license, or adoption papers.
  • In the event an account holder of record is deceased, a copy of a death certificate is required in addition to proof of relationship.

Per-Seat Donation

  • New or existing account holders receiving transferred season tickets must assume the applicable seating donations.


  • Only one transfer is permitted every 12 months per account.

How Transferring Season Tickets Affects Priority Order

  • Season ticket history will be transferred to new ticket holder of record.
  • Financial giving, alumni status, varsity letterwinner status and UMAA status will not be transferable to new season ticket holder of record except in the case of transfer to spouse.
  • Upon request, we will give full ticket history credit for transfers to immediate family members made during the 1993 “open transfer” period. We will need to verify the original transfer in our records.