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Reasons to Be a Gopher

Get loud.

(no really the team needs you to be loud)

Shirts (and hats) optional. Photobombs encouraged.

We take Rock, Paper, Scissors seriously…

and Bags are no joke.

Cows, Chickens, and Pigs – Oh My!

Celebrity sightings at The Barn

Arts and Crafts 101 held at Mariucci Arena

Get Goldy to spin his head!

Cheer for your favorite superhero

Dance like nobody is watching!

Minnesota winters are cold, make sure to bring your fur coat.

It even snows inside!

Minnesota = State, Bemidji ≠ State

The water is frozen so we can’t have synchronized swimming, BUT we do offer synchronized cheering!

Look good, feel good! Gameday Bibs a must!


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